Let’s Soundmap

The road to using sound memo can be easily found.
Soundmap is an application tool that can create recorded sound memos (voice memos) and
lay them out like a mind map.
Starting with the idea of one sound memo, multiple configuration plans and recording
takes are managed on the map.
Explore many possibilities by connecting fractions of ideas together and playing them back in a row! “Record” “Connect” “Shape” Let’s experience shaping sound ideas with Soundmap! (A mind map is a thinking tool that connects elements consisting of images like a tree to create a chart.)

Features of Soundmap

  • Composing with a PC is difficult ... I can not use difficult DTM software ...I feel distracted with many buttons.
  • Soundmap is a simple screen operation, and anyone can easily create music using the app!
  • Recording data is messy ...If you keep saving the idea that you have in the voice memo of the iPhone for the time being, you have lost recorded data it is ... it is difficult to find the data you want to listen ...
  • Soundmap lets you manage data as you like on the map. You can freely decide the arrangement of “visible” recording data!
  • I do not want to write a score.I want to combine ideas to make a song. And I want to keep it in mind ... but writing notes on a staff is difficult, cumbersome and not clear.
  • You can quickly connect and overlap sounds and sounds. Even if you cannot write the score, you can leave the music in shape.

Used in the composition and production scene!

Soundmap Workflow Example

1. Start immediately
by pressing Record

Start the app and start recording with just a single tap.
Organizing an idea can be started on the map screen as is.

2. Successive playback
showing connection

Sound memos can be freely placed on map, making it easy to visually confirm the connections between recorded ideas.

3. Connect with automatic cross fade.
Easily edit the waveform

A waveform editing tool that trims or cuts unwanted
or blank recordings can be easily selected.

4. To share on iOS

An idea formed from successive sound memos can be
exported as a single file at the touch of a button.

More editing with the additional function menu

“Continuous playback of file,
exporting projects”*

The Project map can also be shared with other devices.
The sound file and project data are put together
and output in ZIP.

“Simultaneous playback of
many memos”*

Extends the upper-limit of sound memos
that can be simultaneously played back to 10.

“Volume and tone adjustment”*

Tone adjustment allows you to add EQ or
reverb effects to each sound memo.

“Metronome function”*

A metronome can be simultaneously played back
when a sound memo is recorded. In addition,
five types of metronome sounds are available.

Supported OS

・iOS9.0 or above
 (Use of the latest version of iOS is always recommended.)

Supported voice formats

・WAV, ACC, MP4 (sound playback only)

Supported models

・iPhone, iPad, and iPod with iOS9.0 or above installed.

* In-App Purchase