DDM, Dual Diaphragm Matrix, actually use two individual drivers, Tweeter in front and Woofer in back. The coaxial structure, having two drivers placed on the same axis, is a Radius own appropriately technology. Because of applying beryllium coating to the woofer’s diaphragm the frequency response is extended. Together with ceramic tweeter the transient response has been improved.

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  • Piezo elements constructed on the multiple ceramic layers corresponds to the nature of Hi-Res music, even to the delicate quiet range.
  • Energy of low and mid range that is launched from the rear driver and come out through the holes on the piezo driver, fuse with high range energy on the same axis.
  • Newly designed Deep Mount earpiece. Its' unique shape provide tight fit to the ear canals providing a rich bass reproduction. Mounting position of the earpieces can be adjusted in two stages to achieve a more accurate musical reproduction without missing bass by optimizing their position. Furthermore, while increasing the sound insulation by the secure fit to their ears, they reduce stress on the ears. It is also recommended to use under the noisy environment such as commuting.
  • Detachable cable by introducing MMCX (micro-miniature coaxial) connector. Cable can easily replaced with new one in case of the failure event.
  • Includes elegant and exclusive carrying case.
  • NePlayer is recommended to use with for the excellent music listening experiencing

Main Features

DDM Driver incorporated Earphones Doburube Numero HP-TWF41
カラー 品番 JANコード
Burgundy(Red) 品番HP-TWF41R JANコード4531465041544
Driver Type Dynamic + Piezo
Driver Size Dynamicφ13mm Piezoφ12mm(Dual diaphragm)
Output Sound Pressure Level 108±3dB/mW
Frequency Range 10Hz〜45000Hz
Max. Input 20mW
Impedance 32Ω
Connector Φ3.5mm gold plated stereo mini plug
Cable Length Approx. 120cm (Y Type)
Weight Approx. 18g (includes cable)


■4 sets of ear caps (XS/S/M/L)
 ■Cleaning cloth x1
 ■Headphone case x1
 ■User's Manual/Warranty