High-MFD structure to improve the sensitivity and tonal quality
The magnetic flux density strengthened by an additional front magnet to achieve increased sensitivity about 4dB.The transient response has been also improved to deliver crisp sound quality.

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  • Newly designed Deep Mount earpiece. Its' unique shape provide tight fit to the ear canals providing a rich bass reproduction.
  • Adjustable port enable ear chip to fit more appropriately to the ear canals which varies by individuals.
  • Double Precision Acoustic Register structure reduces unnecessary resonant to achieve a more accurate tone control.
  • The membrane in the driver unit has adopted "super multi-layer film" that stacked hundreds of ultrathin polyester resin film. It is high rigidity compared to the general PET film, providing a more glittering sound quality.
  • Ring less Diaphragm bonding increased effective area of the diaphragm by bonding it directly to the driver edge.More air motion for the rich sound.

Main Features

Pure Standard Series in-ear headphones HP-NEF31
カラー 品番 JANコード
Black 品番HP-NEF31K
Red 品番HP-NEF31R
Silver 品番HP-NEF31S JANコード4531465037097
Driver Type Dynamic
Driver Size Φ13.0mm
Output Sound Pressure Level 105dB/1mW
Frequency Range 4Hz~25000Hz
Max. Input 200mW
Impedance 18Ω
Connector Φ3.5mm gold plated stereo mini plug
Cable Length Approx. 120cm (Y Type)
Weight Approx. 14g (includes cable)


■3 sets of ear caps (XS/S/M)
 ■User's Manual/Warranty